Escort school, haiyan police in action!

In order to effectively maintain the campus and surrounding public security order during the SCHOOL term, effectively maintain the safety and stability of the county campus, The Public Security Bureau of Haiyan County has implemented work measures,Carry out “five one” activities, namely an investigation, an inspection, a training camp, a publicity, a drill, comprehensively improve the county campus security level.”This monitor is not clear enough, there is a blind spot, need to be adjusted as soon as possible…”Before the school began, the police came to the district of a school, on the campus monitoring, security facilities, fire equipment and other security checks, found problems in time for rectification.The police focused on the school security equipment, the construction and operation of the video surveillance system inside and outside the campus, school access registration, fire facilities in the teaching building and around the campus to carry out field inspection, and understand the school before the opening of the epidemic prevention and control preparations.At the same time, actively cooperate with the work of the school, strengthen the security inspection of people and articles in and out of the campus, strictly prevent illegal people from entering the campus, to ensure that the school teaching work, life orderly and stable.. PART 2 of school safety first class WELCOME BACK in order to improve the children’s legal awareness and safety awareness, enhance the children’s safety awareness and learn to use the law to protect themselves, “the rule of law” the principal have walked into the campus, with vivid classic case of material, for the children about fire safety, traffic safety and anti-fraud knowledge,For the majority of students brought the new semester “safety first lesson”.The county school police and campus security organization to carry out vocational skills training, emergency simulation exercise, safety knowledge publicity and education activities, comprehensive investigation of hidden problems, standing “the first post of school”.You can rest assured to learn, we will do our best to escort the future, big and small friends!Author: Tian Fangmei huang Kaijie Editor: Tian Fangmei First instance: Jiang First instance: Wu Fangshu third instance: Chen Yiping

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