Bach sends New Year’s Greetings to 2022 Beijing Press Center reporter

“We are about to witness the great success of The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which will set a new standard for hosting the Winter Olympics and encourage more people to participate in ice sports, thanks to the Beijing Municipal government!Thank you for your efforts at 2022 Beijing Press Center!”International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach attends the 2022 Cloud Gathering exhibition area at the Beijing Press Center in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 6, 2022.Inside the cloud holocabin, the images are lifelike and the hair is clearly visible, as if Bach were in the scene.President Bach “appeared” Cloud gathering holographic cabin red wall gray tiles lit up, red lanterns hung high, gold frame inscribed “Cloud Me”……On the sixth day of the New Year, walk into the cloud gathering exhibition area of “Double Olympics City, Science and Technology exploring Dreams” on the third floor of Beijing Press Center 2022. The thick New Year flavor comes head on. The collision of cutting-edge science and technology and Traditional Chinese culture adds unique charm to the press center.To the surprise of busy media reporters, a unique Cloud New Year meeting was held here.”Happy Spring Festival!I am honored to be in China during the Spring Festival.”When the figure of President Bach appeared in the cloud hologram, the scene immediately broke out warm applause.Bach said that the opening of the Winter Olympic Games coincides with the Spring Festival, the most important traditional festival in China, and extended festive greetings to friends from the media and the Chinese people at the Beijing Press Center 2022.”It will be the biggest celebration of winter sports to date.”Bach thanked China and Beijing for their contributions and efforts in hosting the Winter Olympics and hosting athletes from all over the world at a difficult time.The success of Beijing 2022 Will set a new standard for hosting the Winter Olympics and encourage more people to participate in snow and ice sports, he said.Before the meeting, the 2022 Beijing Press center issued a “surprise blind box” notice, revealing that there will be “heavyweight mystery guests”, and in a short period of time to collect more than 100 hot issues of the Winter Olympics.When asked “How do you view the role of the news media in hosting the Winter Olympics?””The media and journalists play a particularly important role in bringing the Winter Olympics to audiences around the world,” Bach said.He also described the Beijing 2022 Press Center as “impeccable”, “thanking the Beijing 2022 Press Center for making arrangements for journalists from all over the world, so that the global audience can experience the splendor of the Beijing Winter Olympics”.”Mountains and rivers can not block the distance, science and technology connect inside and outside the stadium” meeting, 2022 Beijing Press Center director Xu Hejian on behalf of 1770 registered reporters 2022 Beijing Press Center to President Bach expressed that “will wholeheartedly contribute to the world a simple, safe and wonderful Olympic Games,Let the Olympic motto “Swifter, Higher, Stronger, More United” spread far and wide.Xu hejian said Beijing has become the world’s first Olympic city with a successful opening of the Winter Olympics.In the past seven years since the successful bid for the Winter Olympics, the Olympic spirit has been widely promoted in China, 300 million people have taken to the ice and snow sports, and the development of the global ice and snow sports has entered a new space. The news media has played an important and unique role in forging this dream and glory.According to Xu Hejian, the Beijing 2022 Press Center serves the unregistered journalists of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, with a total of 432 journalists and 1,770 Chinese and foreign journalists, and the main press center of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games has become a “twin star”, reflecting each other.”Mountains and rivers do not separate distance, and science and technology connect the field and the outside.”Xu Hejian introduced that Ali provided cross-regional cloud holographic technology, so that the 2022 Beijing Press Center 1770 reporters and Bach close contact, “this is the power of science and technology, the power of the Olympic Games, but also the power of China.”Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Chen Hao Beijing reporting photography Chen Hao editor Li Min proofreading Wang Ling

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