【 Activity 】 Answer draw red envelope, joy make yuanxiao!

Online!Lantern Festival 0, by the traffic management bureau of the Ministry of Public Security guide alipay public support, China traffic channel and the national 10 provinces and cities traffic police team jointly sponsored the Lantern Festival traffic safety answering activities officially began!Activity Introduction Learn traffic safety,With joy on February 15, yuanxiao activity time (the 15th) 0 is launched activities purpose ascension department traffic safety consciousness, create a good atmosphere of the participation way, pictures or search “problem solving” traffic safety can begin the answer content in activists in paid treasure to answer quiz right 20 problem take a red envelope to hold unit guide:Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security Public Welfare support: AlipayChina transportation channel, traffic police corps of Inner Mongolia, hebei traffic police corps, traffic police team in jiangsu, anhui, traffic police corps, traffic police corps of hunan, hubei traffic &patrol police corps, chongqing, shanxi traffic police corps, traffic police corps in qinghai, guangxi police team see here don’t save pictures or search traffic of knowledge with “traffic safety problem solving”, answer extraction red envelopes!

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