A man in Shandong province stabbed his wife more than 20 times when he found out she was infected with HIV after cheating on her while dancing in a square

A person’s emotional breakdown may seem to be a matter of a moment, but it is the accumulation of countless disappointments and pain, but when the last straw is pressed on him, it will be a tragedy.Old lady Liu became addicted to square dancing after her retirement, and since then, she has been coming home later and getting close to the old man.And her this change also caused her husband Zhou mou’s dissatisfaction, so in the later life and often quarrel with Liu old lady to this matter, but the quarrel did not let his wife change, also let the feelings of two people further become cold up.In the life after this, Old Lady Liu also in the process of square dancing and other partners to social dance has a strong interest.In the crowd of ballroom dancing, there was a man who was exceptionally good, and they asked before they learned that the man was a teacher who taught dance, so he was also handy for these simple dance movements, and would naturally be more conspicuous in the crowd.In understanding this male teacher is to teach dance originally, after that often someone looks for him to learn dance movement, and Liu laotai is among them.While teaching dance, the teacher also caught the eye of Mrs. Liu, who, though 60 years old, is well off and has maintained herself well over the years, so she doesn’t look old.Old lady Liu saw the eyes of the male teacher, and did not go to avoid this matter, in the days after, the male teacher will often take a break for reasons such as dinner will she come out from home, shopping together or to the hotel to rest.But make Liu old lady did not expect is that the male teacher is not an honest person, in the other party when young talked about a lot of love, also made a lot of girlfriend, in his body has carried on THE HIV virus, but did not break out.So, after liu old lady and male teacher learn dance together not long, she herself also infected with HIV, and this matter she did not know, until Zhou mou took her to the hospital to do a physical examination after the understanding of this matter.Zhou mou will go to the hospital every year to check the body, which has become their habit, and this time after checking the body, in the examination report given by the hospital, Zhou mou found that his wife has been infected with AIDS, after coming home, he will want his wife to give him a statement.In the face of her husband’s questioning, Liu did not admit that she and the male teacher between things, but pointed at Zhou to abuse, said she had not had a good life after marrying Zhou.Hearing his wife’s accusation, Zhou also sulked in his heart.In the early years, his wife was not Old Lady Liu, and his family was also very happy, he gave birth to a son, the family lived happily together.At that time, Zhou was also very successful in his own career and accumulated rich wealth. His life was already very happy, but it was not until he was 40 years old that he met Liu, and everything changed together.At the height of his career, Zhou met Liu, who was six years younger than him, and the two fell in love with each other later in life. They became lovers and bought liu many things to please her.After dating liu behind his wife’s back for three years, Zhou finally decided to give up his original family and get together with Liu.Unfortunately, when Zhou divorced, his career also began to decline, and after he married Liu, he was no longer as good as he had been.So, after two people get married, Liu mou often take this as an excuse to abandon her husband’s incompetence and useless, and every quarrel is to two people this is not deep feelings of a destruction, and in this process, Zhou Mou also silently accumulated to Liu laotai’s resentment.After making do with each other for many years, Liu didn’t get rid of her fun-loving nature. As she got older, she began to go outside to square dance with other old men and women, and then she met the male teacher.And for many years, Zhou has been suffering from the accusations and dissatisfaction of Old Lady Liu, and he has a lot of dissatisfaction with the old lady Liu often returned late, in this time he saw his wife or unrepentant, do not admit their mistakes also pointed to him scold, so his mood collapsed in the backlog of years.On this day, angry Zhou directly came to the kitchen, took a kitchen knife and chased Liu old lady cut in the past, live together for twenty years, two people’s feelings completely collapsed at this moment, at the same time, Zhou also under the chop liu old lady cut dead, no strength after sitting on the floor at home.Liu also shouted for help when being chased, neighbors heard the noise and quickly called the police, that day, Zhou was taken away by the police in his home.After forensic examination, Liu was stabbed more than 20 times, and many of them were fatal wounds. It can be determined that Zhou intentionally killed Liu at the time of the incident, and led to her death on the spot.According to Article 232 of the Criminal Law, intentional homicide shall be punishable by death, life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years;If the circumstances are minor, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years.In this case, Zhou mou due to emotional conflict with his wife Liu old lady caused conflict, and caused a death of serious consequences.His subjective malice is great, and in the process of committing the crime, he continuously chased and cut Liu Old lady more than 20 times, the means is cruel, the social influence is bad, and caused one death of serious consequences, belongs to the serious circumstances, should be punished severely according to law.And the cause of the case is liu old lady derailed and infected with HIV, in its refusal to explain, angered Zhou, its own fault behavior and the occurrence of the case causal relationship, in the amount of punishment will be lenient to Zhou.And Zhou mou did not flee the scene after the crime, truthfully confessed their crimes after the case, belongs to the surrender plot, can be punished lightly.In the end, the court sentenced Zhou to life imprisonment for intentional homicide.

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