“UZI’s comeback is not for money”!Uzi’s 11 companies were exposed, laughing out the BLG salary insider

Preface: Throughout the majority of competitive sports, the word “comeback” is especially full of feelings.From the field of football “Flying Man of Holland” arjen robben at the age of 36 back in the Netherlands;Jordan returned to the NBA in 1995;In December 2021, Uzi announced his return and transfer to BLG after two years of retirement, and fans were easily moved by emotion.However, looking at Uzi’s rebirth from the perspective of the end of January 2022, it seems hard to understand that he has not yet made his official debut after all the hardships he has endured to return to the LPL stage.Is this a gimmick?Is this playing on fans ‘feelings?Is this for money?The answer is not.At the beginning of the season, when the audience learned that Doggo and Uzi were in the same team in the S11 final PSG team, everyone was sorry for this talented young player in 2003: “When god’s substitute is afraid there is no chance to debut.”However, from BLG’s first game to now, Doggo has kept Uzi at the water cooler with a fairly steady performance. Only the image of Uzi passing by before the game lets fans know that Uzi is still in the team.At the same time, combined with the Uzi ranking in the “god a ghost” record, against RNG did not go to the scene but in the base open live news, all of a sudden public opinion everywhere, some netizens said:”His comeback pure circle heat to make money”, “and the factory director, comeback pick a weak team to play, sell feelings”, and even part of the angry elder brother lambasted “turtle”, as if Uzi does not play a day, the rumor will not stop.02UZI comeback is not money!However, a new report on Uzi’s assets has provided the answer to the speculation that Uzi is making a comeback.According to Qizhuacha, Uzi has a total of 11 companies under his name, of which Uzi himself is the legal person of 9 companies and directly controls 6 companies. His business projects are spread across the service industry, entertainment industry, Internet industry, press and publishing industry, evenly distributed across the country.Among them, a company named “Shanghai Huaimiao Business Consulting Center” was founded in 2019 when Uzi just announced his retirement, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Uzi himself has full control of the company.Secondly, Uzi and fan Chengcheng, a famous singer, joined the joint venture “Hainan McKee Investment Co., LTD”. Is this a cross-border cooperation?According to the calculation, Uzi’s assets exceed 50 million yuan, so there is no need for him to make money out of retirement. Netizens agree: “He makes more money by broadcasting and running his own company every day than by coming back to play matches. He really wants to play matches.”It is worth mentioning that shortly after Uzi’s comeback, xiao Xiao, a well-known commentator of The 2nd Road, talked about the salary insider of Uzi and BLG during the live broadcast. Xiao bluntly said, “Uzi’s comeback is not for money. As far as I know, BLG offers him a low salary.Who would not like to enjoy life every day if it is not for competition and achievement?For Uzi himself, there are so many easier and easier ways to make money, making a comeback must be the hardest one to take.Uzi is 25 years old, but watching his Rank video, we can still see that “Uzi still sticks to the worst training method and still won’t give up any chance to play.”Long periods of absence can lead to mediocre training, but even the average person knows that hard work makes up for bad luck. Why would time be bad for any talented athlete who really wants to scale the heights?Finally, do you think Uzi is coming back for the championship?Will he be available for the spring?Leave a discussion in the comments section!

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