Su yiming’s mother is so young!The 17-year-old shouted from behind her and climbed to the podium with his hands in the air

On February 15, Beijing time, Su Yiming won the men’s snowboard platform final with absolute dominance.After the match, Su yiming also called out to her parents through the air, and at one point she couldn’t control herself, covering her face and crying.During the award ceremony, Su yiming raised her hands and smiled happily!After the match, Su showed a childlike side, he is only 17 years old after all, Su shouted to her parents: “I don’t have any thoughts, I’m really happy, the only thing I want to say…I know my parents came to the game and I know where they are, but I can’t be close to them. Thank you, my parents, my coach, my country.”Su yiming covers his face and cries. He is too excited.Su’s mother took him to the slopes as a child, and his success as a skier turned him into an Olympic champion.Because Su became famous so early and so fast, he only competed in 2019 and achieved his dream of winning the Winter Olympics in 2022.In fact, Su’s mother was very young in front of the camera.After the award ceremony, Su yiming prepared, boarded the highest podium!Ms. Su raises her hands in the air and smiles happily.At this time, the audience also sent thunderous applause.On the Internet, many people sent blessings, li Nina, Zhang Dan and others were the first to send congratulations, Zhang Jike wrote: “Su Yiming is awesome!All three in a row.”Wu Jingyu said: “It is really a blessed place, the birth of China’s two gold MEDALS.””Lock it up in the second round!Ability is too strong to complete too easy!Jump, air, land. It’s exciting!The big platform is so charming!Sure enough, I just can’t sit still watching other people’s games. Congratulations To Su yiming!It’s really great!”All in all, congratulations to Yiming Su!One gold and one silver to finish the competition, which is perfect.Moreover, in the eyes of many people, Su Yiming should have been a 2 gold medal winner!Su Yiming, happy 18th birthday!

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