Good news!Rose is expected to be back in half a month and will undergo surgery again to resolve the infection

Editor: In a major blow to the New York Knicks last Friday, the team announced derrick Rose would need another surgery.Rose is battling a right ankle injury that is expected to keep him out for a long time, sources said.ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski provided more details about rose’s injury, and it actually doesn’t sound like the issue at hand is very serious.”Knicks guard Derrick Rose underwent minor surgery on his right ankle to address a skin infection he had surgery on in December.Sources told ESPN there is optimism rose could be back in the lineup in a week or two.”There had been concern that the surgery was a further step to repair an old ankle injury that Rose sustained during surgery in December.But for now, it looks like the surgery was just to deal with Ross’s skin infection.There doesn’t seem to be a structural problem with rose’s ankle at the moment, which is why he could be back in a week or two at the earliest.However, it was as good as it got for the oft-injured veteran.Rose, who has played in just 26 games for the Knicks this season, hasn’t played since mid-December.The Knicks must have wanted Walker back after they decided to give him up.

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