Zizhou County procuratorate held a meeting to deepen the centralized rectification of the work style of cadres

On February 17, the People’s Procuratorate of Zizhou County, Yulin City, held a meeting to deepen the centralized rectification of the work style of cadres.Zizhou County procuratorate party secretary, prosecutor-General Liu Shixiong attended the meeting and spoke.At the meeting, the team members and all the police officers based on their post responsibilities, around the ideological and political, business construction, style construction and other aspects, summarized the work in charge of 2021 and the work of the department, found out the problems and deficiencies, and made an overall plan for the work tasks in 2022, reported the work ideas.Liu shixiong stressed the need to quickly gather minds and concentrate, unify thought and action in procuratorial work, keep in mind the mission, build consensus, quickly plan all work ideas, and get off to a good start for the work of 2022.We should strengthen the study, enhance the management consciousness of the leaders in charge and the heads of departments, and enhance the sense of discipline of police officers.To scientific planning, do a good job in education and cadre work style centralized rectification of the achievement transformation, earnestly implement the “double description” “double bright” work requirements, show their ideological understanding and performance of duty, do in the political literacy has a new improvement, work style has a new change.The meeting also conveyed the study of fugu County eighteen party congress, county party committee eighteen second, third plenary session spirit and the new era of political and legal police “ten strictly prohibited” and the county party committee office on consolidating and deepening the cadre style of centralized rectification work notice and other content.TY02

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