Ten beauties of the Republic of China: the time that did not face lift, reflect what call true beauty

In ancient times, there were four beauties, Xi Shi, Diao Chan, Yang Yuhuan and Wang Zhaojun. Do you know what the beauties of the Republic of China were like?I think each era gives people different temperament.People in ancient times had a classical temperament.Modern beauties have modern temperament.Then the beauties of the Republic of China also have the temperament of that time.I used to think that the beauty of the Republic of China period still has classical temperament.That kind of clothes and the body section and expression can reflect the feelings of the Republic of China, the most classic and popular in the Republic of China than the Cheongsam.The product of union of the sort of Chinese and Western also brought different temperament to the beauty at that time.The Republic of China is a great American, how are they?To have a look.Xia Meng was born into a literary family and has both talent and beauty.In The Hong Kong film industry has no small influence.Although has not jianghu, but jianghu still has her legend.A pair of phoenix eyes with classical charm.That’s part of her charm.In the Republic of China can have such a beauty is really rare.I think she should be many people’s dream lover!The blue cheongsam looks a bit like the actress Chen Shu to me.I think she deserves to be the top ten beauties of the Republic of China.Soong Mei-ling soong Mei-ling was the wife of Chiang Kai-shek, born in a wealthy family, and the three Soong sisters had a great influence on the society at that time.Song Meiling is not only beautiful, but also a talented woman.Her beauty lies in her grace, her manners and words reveal her status and position.According to his great-grandson Jiang Youbai memories, do not make up to see people.It seems that beauty has some very human habits.Third Lin Huiyin Lin Huiyin was an architect in the Republic of China. She was born well, learned well and married well.Her beauty comes from her original scholarly temperament.Jin Yuelin had never married for her.Her most controversial feature is her double eyelids, which many people say are artificial.I think it was a great thing to have a double eyelid surgery back then.I don’t care as long as it looks good.What the hell!Jiang Ying jiang Ying is a famous singer and the wife of Qian Xuesen.The two of them really make a smart couple.Jiang Ying has an atmosphere of beauty, many people said that she and Chiu Yachi-chi face.I think they do. They’re elegant.After reading this wedding photo, I know what is called a talented person with a beautiful woman.Zhou Xuan (1 August 1920 — 22 September 1957), born in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, was a Chinese film actress and singer.Speaking of Zhou Xuan, there is a song that must be said, that is night Shanghai.You must be familiar with this song, some TV plays in the Period of the Republic of China often appear this song.Zhou Xuan’s beauty is also classically elegant, unlike a girl born in poverty.Wearing cheongsam shows the beauty of cheongsam incisively and vividly.I think her beauty can rival that of Xia Meng.Hu Die, also a film actress in the Republic of China, was the first “movie queen” in China. She won the first place with 21,334 votes in a beauty contest called “Movie Queen Election” held by Star Daily.Hu Die’s beauty lies in her unique amorous feelings.Shallow dimples, a blush of red lips make her more sexy.In her later years, Hu Die settled down on the other side of the ocean and left her last words: The butterfly will fly away.Ruan Lingyu Ruan Lingyu was second only to Hu Die in the film industry at that time. She was beautiful and talented.Unfortunately, he ended his life at the age of 25.She once appeared in the movie “Goddess” and her acting skills are not to be underestimated.Her beauty comes from her grace and grace.Maggie Cheung once played Ruan Lingyu.I think Maggie Cheung’s performance is very real.The final despair of the characters is portrayed to the marrow.No wonder Ruan Lingyu once said: people are terrible!The eighth Meng Xiaodong said Meng Xiaodong had to say two men a root is Mei Lanfang, a root is Du Yuesheng.Meng Xiaodong and Mei Lanfang love Peking Opera let them become husband and wife, Meng Xiaodong married mei Lanfang in the heyday of career.But the May family never accepted him.Finally she left Mei Lanfang and married du Yuesheng, a popular figure in Shanghai.The beauty of Meng Xiaodong is the individual character that she itself has and glamour!A touch of freshness and grace was added to her temperament.Speaking of Lu Xiaoman, I have to say Xu Zhimo. I don’t know how to evaluate Xu Zhimo. For Lin Huiyin, he used to love Lin Huiyin so much, and then lu Xiaoman was together.Lu Xiaoman is a talented woman with good appearance.Also belongs to amorous feelings ten thousand kinds of type.Many netizens said lu got her beauty when she saw the first photo.Tenth ~ the last shangguan Yunzhu looks very atmospheric beauty, was born in Jiangsu, known as the Oriental Marilyn Monroe.It seems that the beauty of the world is not a vain reputation.But she had a rough life, surviving three marriages, brain cancer and leaving at 48.Those beautiful light and shadow are left in the film.After seeing so many beauties of the Republic of China, I feel more and more that the beauty of cheongsam is unique.And the temperament of cheongsam is difficult to control, so many beauty which is really beautiful in your heart?The comments tell me.

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