Often eat vitamin E, what profit is there?Take vitamin E to have “degree”, 3 types of people are not recommended to take

Most people are not strange to vitamin E, appropriate supplement can achieve certain health care effect, from the medical point of view, vitamin E is known as tocopherol, net spread it has more than 10 kinds of health care effect, just like liquid ginseng, vitamin industry shoulder son!For some people who pursue good health, they often supplement this kind of vitamin, but some people do not know what its real benefits are, so it is better to understand.01 often eat vitamin E, what profit is there?Taking vitamin E should have “degree”, three kinds of people do not recommend taking Prevention of cardiovascular disease of vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, after entering the human body, can better digest and absorb the body fat, if long time use, also can effectively reduce the oxidation of free radicals of blood vessels, protect blood vessels, and a method for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.Remove acne marks some people always have acne, even if the acne has dissipated, it is easy to leave acne marks, especially in the face seriously affect the image, if you want to better acne marks, you can properly supplement vitamin E.It is mainly to enhance the activity of human cells, so as to dilute the role of acne print, and can also prevent the recurrence of acne.A large number of studies have found that vitamin E is a strong antioxidant, after entering the body, can achieve antioxidant effect.Women are affected by aging, the cell aging in the body is serious, the metabolic waste in the body can not be eliminated in time, it is easy to appear wrinkles, spots, dark, appropriate supplementation of vitamin E for fade spots, improve wrinkles and so on have certain help.While vitamin E has many benefits, it’s not for everyone.02 Who is not suitable for vitamin E supplements?People with high blood pressure, such as those who already have high blood pressure, need to take some antihypertensive drugs for a long time to stabilize the body’s condition, and they are not suitable for vitamin E supplementation.The daily diet should also be less food containing this kind of substance, the main reason is that the blood concentration of people with hypertension is relatively high, if the intake of vitamin E, may lead to more serious situation, and even the formation of adverse effects on the body cliff.People with heart problems for some of their own heart function is not perfect for people, usually not only not suitable for supplementing vitamin E, but also to reduce some of the food containing vitamin E.It is mainly because of heart problems, and a large number of supplements may lead to worsening of heart problems, especially during treatment, which will prolong the recovery period of the disease.Pregnant women after pregnancy, the female body is special, there are a lot of things can not touch, vitamin E food is in this range, mainly because a large number of supplements may lead to abortion, and even affect the health of the fetus and pregnant women.If you want appropriate supplements, you can wait until after the end of pregnancy, which is better for your health and the growth of the baby.In general, vitamin E is a nutrient needed by the human body, which is not suitable for everyone. Meanwhile, excessive supplementation may be counterproductive, especially for foods containing this kind of substance in life, intake should also be controlled, so it is necessary to screen and choose according to your actual situation.Guide to Summer Regimen

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