Liu Ning investigated the progress of pinglu Canal project on the spot

The original title:Liu Ning field research pinglu Canal project to promote the situation of emphasis on scientific planning to promote early construction to help open through the development of the “two channels” Guangxi News Network Nanning February 6 (reporter Chen Yize) February 6, is the sixth day of the Chinese New Year,Liu Ning, secretary of the Party Committee of The Autonomous Region, chairman of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region and leader of the construction leading group of the Pinglu Canal Project, visited Hengzhou City of Nanning, Lingshan County of Qinzhou and Qinbei District to conduct field research on the progress of the Pinglu Canal project.Pinglu canal is one of the important part of western Lu Haixin channel is the pearl river – xijiang river basin YiDunJi beibu gulf port of the waterborne traffic artery, upstream and known as the “golden waterway” the name of xijiang shipping lines are linked together, to the west longitude yongjiang river through nanning and left, youjiang hinterland and yunnan, to the east longitude yu river through a large bay area of guangdong,To the north through qianjiang, Hongshuihe or Liujiang direct guizhou, to the south by beibu Gulf to the sea.Pinglu Canal has a total length of about 140 kilometers, starting from pingtang River mouth, Xijin Reservoir, Hengzhou City, 150 kilometers downstream of Yongjiang River, crossing the watershed between Shaping River and Jiuzhou River, a tributary of Qinjiang River, passing through Luwu Town, Lingshan County, Qinzhou City, south along qinjiang River main stream and entering qinzhou Port sea area of Beibu Gulf.At present, the Pinglu Canal project has been included in the outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the Outline of the National Comprehensive three-dimensional Transportation Network.”Pinglu Canal is a big project, involving all aspects, must grasp the law, scientific demonstration, careful design, reasonable arrangement, overall planning construction.”Liu ning drove all the way along the pinglu county planning and construction of canal in the rain, has come to cross state PingTang estuary, lingshan county shaping ZhenQi stone village watershed starting point of the excavation, lingshan county town of old state water depression, lingshan county. Head, enterprise stone Dong, qinzhou lingshan county youth sluices, fieldwork survey pinglu canal the key project plan,Listen to relevant departments of autonomous Region, pinglu Canal planning and design units, Nanning City and Qinzhou City in detail, plan, study and solve the relevant problems encountered in the process of pinglu Canal project planning and construction.”The construction of pinglu Canal will open up a more economical and convenient access to the sea for Guangxi and even the southwest and central south regions, better serve the national strategy for our region, form a convenient water transport channel for trade between China and ASEAN, accelerate the construction of a new land and sea channel in the west, build a pilot transportation power, and build a comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network.It is of great significance to actively integrate into the new development pattern and accelerate the high-quality development of regional economy, which is widely concerned by all sectors of society.”Liu stressed that the current pinglu canal construction was standing at a new starting point, to adhere to xi new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth study and implement the party’s nineteenth spirit and the 19th session of the previous session, the comprehensive implementation of jinping general secretary visited guangxi “4 · 27” important speech spirit and a series of important instructions to guangxi work requirements,We should translate the consensus on the decisive significance of the two initiatives into conscious actions to safeguard the two initiatives, fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new vision of development, and further strengthen scientific coordination, planning guidance, top-level design, policy support and synergy in our work.Comprehensive consideration along the comprehensive transportation system, comprehensive utilization of water resources, ecological environment protection, and on both sides of the factors such as mass production and living needs, good ZhengZhiZhang, calculator, ecological accounting, account of the people’s livelihood, actively push forward the work for pre-project, strive for the early start early work, efforts to build powerful safeguard, cohesion is smooth and efficient operation, the service quality of jianghai pinglu canal water and land transport system,We will better enhance the driving effect of the combined transport system of the Pinglu Canal on the economic and social development, development and opening up of the western region.To strengthen coordination, highlight key, in stages, step by step, strongly pushing each project construction, and advance planning layout project construction and economic and social development, scientific planning good pinglu industry economic belt along the canal, power through “ren and the second pulse” open development, activation of guangxi high quality development “a water”,We will make new and greater contributions to building a magnificent Guangxi of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.Xu Hairong, Zhou Yidui, Fei Zhirong and other accompanying research.

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