It was 60 years ago that I beat sparrows, led toads, stripped bark and picked up coal kernels

After the summer vacation of 1962, I was in grade three and began to use pens in class.I bought a few dipping nibs, found a very thin sorghum pole, put the nib into the sorghum pole.Buy blue color block, add water to make fountain pen water.Students rarely have pens, are using a dipping pen to write, used to write pencil homework, and now on the top of the dipping pen to write.At that time, students did not have to make up lessons, and there were no parents to pick them up from school and school.Sunday and holiday homework, several neighbors gathered at my house, quickly finished.Often write homework together with me, there is my house across the house uncle Hu’s daughter big Juan son, in front of my house across the road son yaqin.There are Zhang Wenru and Yuan Yuan, Yuan Yuan is a grade lower than me, not my classmate, when we had the best relationship, the relationship between the two adults is good.After school began, the school organized us to class education exhibition hall to visit.At that time, all schools in Jiutai County lined up to visit.The Class Education Exhibition hall is just north of the overpass, near the third department store on the west.There used to be a Catholic church here, and here are some bad things that some bad people have done. My father worked in the production team, there was an uncle surnamed Zhou, and his reactionary deeds are also on display here.Uncle Zhou listened to the short broadcast content of the radio, then called listening to the enemy station, he used to come to my house, and my father together drink and chat.I have a deep impression on Uncle Zhou. He has three sons, all of whom are named Dog zi. The big dog zi is as old as my elder brother, and the second dog zi is as old as me.When we were young, we often played war with our classmates, playing the PLA to catch spies.Zhang Wenru and I made bows and went to the mountains to shoot birds.Also made a stick with iron wire, to sign toads in the water, we often go to my vegetable field there to play.To the east of my vegetable patch, next to the lumber company’s railway line, logs from the trains were stacked higher than the house on either side.There were a lot of people picking bark there, and then we made a shovel out of a blacksmith’s stove, and on Sundays we used to pick bark as we played.In winter, the stove was used as a kindling with bark, and an accident occurred while peeling bark.Next to my vegetable field is Li Dainai’s vegetable field. In the past, Li Dainai cooked in the canteen of the production team when we ate big pot rice.Li Dami had a dozen children, including a girl as old as me, and while picking bark, a huge log rolled.Li Nai home this girl dodged less than, from the above rolled down the log hit the body, the girl was dead, I and Zhang Wenru, Yuan Yuan, Ya Qin and big Juan son a few people in the side.It was a terrible sight. After this incident, we stopped stripping bark and the Nine Tai Wood Company put up the big yard walls.In the south of my vegetable plot, there is the railway to Changchun. At that time, the railway was one-way and there was no guardrail network on both sides of the railway.We used to sit on the rails and play, and walk on the rails, like on a balance beam, with our hands outstretched.When the train came, we would run down the tracks and play in the ditches under the tracks, catching dragonflies, signing toads and sometimes throwing mud cannons.To the west of my vegetable patch, there is an artificial river. Only when the reservoir above the river releases water can there be water in the artificial river.Downstream of the man-made river, some rural areas grow rice and are irrigated with water from the river.At that time, the water in the artificial river was very clear. When the weather was warm, we would go to the artificial river to bathe. At night, some adults also went to the river to bathe.Beside the River of Man work, northwest of my vegetable plot is a graveyard, with seven or eight graves and a high stone tablet.In the summer, the deep weeds grow here, and we play in this graveyard, playing hide-and-seek, playing catch spies.Once, Zhang Wenru plays spy, I and yuan Yuan, Ya Qin, big Juan son several people catch him.Although Zhang Wenru is the same age as me, he is taller and stronger than me. Sometimes Zhang Wenru bullies me.Several girls and I are very good, once, I and these girls together, the Zhang Wenru down to the ground.I ride on The body of Zhang Wenru, yuan Yuan and big Juan er press Zhang Wenru’s leg, Yaqin sits on his head with butt.Zhang Wenru was alarmed, he began to scold Yaqin, scold her father and a woman engaged in prostitution.Yaqin also acute eye, riding on Zhang Wenru’s head, to his head a bubble of urine.At that time, my family’s living conditions were better than those of my neighbors.My father worked as an accountant in the vegetable production team, which was a vegetable production team. There were ten teams all around Jiutai County. The production team planted vegetables, but not food.Although registered permanent residence this child is different, still get grain inside grain store, besides soya oil is different, other are same.The food supply is the same for those with vegetable and urban household accounts, and the food supply is the same for those with urban and rural household accounts.Production team a day to remember ten division of labor, a month to open wages, very public earn one yuan, to the end of the year when the settlement.My dad started out as an accountant in Team 3, whose land was closest to the city center, just a few minutes’ walk from the train station and the big market.In the early 1960s, team 3’s land was taken over by timber companies and other entities, and team 3 members were grouped into Team 4.The fourth team was on the west side of the artificial river, and my father worked as an accountant in the fourth team. Because the land was small and the people were large, the production team had the least amount of money to settle accounts at the end of the year.I remember that when my father worked in the production team at the end of the year, the division of labor was about one yuan and twenty cents. In addition to earning 30 yuan a month, he could also get more than one hundred yuan at the end of the year.On the west side of our school, there were five, six and seven production teams in the south of the railway. Every year when the five teams came to settle accounts, their ten divisions were settled at about one dollar and eighty cents. That production team was the richest.The vegetables grown by the production team are sent to the fish and vegetable grocery store in the street every morning.The members of the vegetable team also have some private plots at home. The vegetables grown in my vegetable plot are given to the neighbors by my mother and most of them can be sold in the market for money.When I sell vegetables secretly hide a little money, I and my classmates compared to the children, I also have more money than they do, than other children and students have money.The early 1960s were difficult times, when everyone was very edible because there was no oil.My family went to the grain store to get food, each person a month 27 catty half grain, sorghum rice 1 yuan a catty, corn flour 9 minutes 5 catty.At that time, there was also a kind of grain called “substitute food”, one jin of grain can be exchanged for 5 jin of “substitute food”.There is also bran flour, for one jin of grain is exchanged for two jin of bran flour.Adults and children eat a lot of food, eat with the biggest bowl, porridge can drink several bowls.At that time, it was a planned economy. You had to buy tickets for everything, and you had to plan for food. Otherwise, sometimes you would run out of a month’s food before the end of the month.I and the children went to the small south mountain elm leaves, my mother mixed elm leaves in corn flour son, stick big cake steamed nest head.In autumn, I went to the suburbs with the children to pick up food, pick up corn, pick up soybeans and sorghum, sometimes also pick up sweet potato and potatoes.When eating wild vegetables very few, I remember eating stuffing vegetables and shepherd’s purse, did not eat gray vegetables, also did not eat horse tooth vegetables.Many children went to gather the grain, followed by the housewives of the cities, and in the fields of the suburbs commune members gathered in front of them, some behind them picking and stealing.In winter, we also go out to collect coal kernels. In some units, factories and mines, there are some coal kernels that have not been thoroughly burned.We made little hooks with wire, and we picked up the coals and kept them for our own stoves in the winter.Below is the picture, text and text irrelevant.

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