In Wuhan Huangpi district along with a reservoir, motor vehicles straight up the dam, a good view of the scenery

Reservoir dam is very common in the countryside, as one of the most important water conservancy facilities, they play a very large regulating energy storage function, become one of the symbols of water and soil.Walk hubei Wuhan, in the far city outside also found a lot of reservoirs, such as in Huangpi Long Xuanling street Guanqiao village, there is a mud river reservoir.Reservoir scale is huge, all over the mountains and ravines, occasionally drive by, in the mountains, both see villages, and smooth water, showing the harmonious landscape of green mountains, the picture feeling is unforgettable.As can be seen from the name of the reservoir, it is generally only built in a specific area, such as surrounding terrain available for use, but also the need for irrigation and living in the village courtyard, the number of places can meet these conditions only in the area below the township.That is to say, from a geographical point of view, wuhan urban area will rarely have the existence of reservoir factors, only the far urban area, there are rural and field areas, there will be reservoir construction use up to now.Mud river reservoir meet these conditions, passing by the reservoir is an accident, if deliberately driven to the road, it is not close to go.For example, first from wuhan city to Huangpi, and then take Mulan Avenue in Huangpi city, and then turn to Y274 township road in Bomo Port village, so long road, no navigation basically can not be found.Even when we reach Guanqiao village, where nihe Reservoir is located, we still need to repeatedly confirm the location of the reservoir and ask local villagers for directions.Fortunately, when XIAobian went to have a guide, according to the guidance of the local aborigines, driving on the narrow rural road, the front and back are wilderness and mountains, a kind of self-driving outdoor adventure feeling.Suv chassis high, bump into potholes can also flash, finally in the reservoir in the mountainous area before stop, see a tall dam, blocked in front of, like a huge artificial curtain wall, even if used dozens of times, still revealed a domasma.However, the terrain around nihe Reservoir is not as “secluded” as imagined, but everywhere shows the style of a new socialist countryside.Here is a main road paved with cement, leading to the dam of the reservoir. Since the road is only two lanes wide, there is no sign drawn, and the cement stone pier on the top of the bilateral roadbed is the best slope protection.But this is after all township level road, the number of motor vehicles through is not much, occasionally a suv, engine roar, far can be heard.Also because there were fewer people and fewer cars, the road surface was very precipitated, covered with thick muddy marks, and traces of pheasants, the road head flew into the boundless sky.The dam, gazebo and cement street lights of shangnihe Reservoir are standard fixtures, like a regular park.The gazebo is not a gazebo, but an ornament on the outlet of the drainage gate, which is a necessary structure for all reservoirs, as are the vertical concrete pillars of the drainage gate, built above and below the water level, a short distance from the dam’s waterfront.The guardrail on the dam is not high enough for one to easily step over and descend to the inside of the trapezoid of the dam, which is covered with boulders and concreted to make the surface look impregnable.Think of these projects, extremely large, but the construction of a long time, the use of mechanical tools is not much, all human relay, effort, predecessors builders did pay a considerable effort.Looking from one end of the dam to the other, you can see that the slope of the dam is very smooth, and the concrete is still thick after decades of wind and rain.On the other hand, the outside of the dam face is covered with grass, soft as cotton balls, and several steps extend down in turn to join the horizontal ground, with natural deep junctions.When I saw these steps, I thought of them. When I was a child, there was also a dam at the back of my hometown. The children liked to walk up the stairs and then squat down along the cement pier with smooth edges of the steps, feeling very happy.Have a good time, walk a few more, and then look at the friction of the pants out of the hole, sulky walk away.Now, to see this scene, it has been more than 20 years.What is interesting is that this Nihe reservoir is very similar to the reservoir in my hometown in my memory, such as geography and landform, structure layout and even the feeling of blowing wind on the dam.January winter, far and wide, the outdoor scenery is cold, the top of the dam, the north wind is full, blowing from the mountains in the distance, along the level of the reservoir water surface, and then swish up, blowing the human face pain.Standing in place to see the overall picture of the reservoir, and to the continuous green mountains and clear water, set off each other, forming a whole mirror.At the top of the dam side of the reservoir, to see the panorama of the reservoir, they spread into the mountains and valleys, and slowly settle to the foot of the mountain not far away, and then bright to block in the cement dam body here.On the other side, is the foot of the village and the field, their outline is clear, winding canal and field ridge orderly separated, light smoke slowly flowing away, seems to be carrying a fragrance and the taste of the earth.Walk along the dam body, the scene below is very calm, no wind blowing over the ear of the “tearing sound”, everything quietly returned to peace.

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