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The official mini program was officially launched
shanghai 2022
Recently, Shanghai 46th World Skills Competition official mall small program World Competition mall has been officially launched.The Shanghai World Championships will be held in Shanghai from October 12 to 17, 2022.The event is a worldwide professional skills competition, known as the “World Olympics of Skills”.The mall mainly provides the peripheral commodities of “Shanghai World Competition”. Currently, it has listed popular commodities such as dolls, accessories, clothes, refrigerator magnets, mobile phone cases and kitchenware.Users can purchase the commemorative products they are interested in in the mini program in advance.In the future, the mall will continue to display more than 500 pieces of commemorative products full of design sense and express the concept of the World Cup, China and Shanghai elements.Tap into worldSkills in the WorldSkills store
Hot peripheral preemptive look
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The “fashion
Soft glue refrigerator magnet
The price is ¥15
The event price is ¥29.9
Alloy brooch
The World Embroidery pure silk
Leisure tie
The price is ¥128 Sesselvo
Burning pot
76 World Mills
Quick shaped micro pressure cooker
Price: 139 car for the world Race
Air purifier
Commemorative edition of the World Championships
Traditional wooden chopsticks with chicken wings
Commemorative edition of 80 World Games
Backpack large.
Event price: 648 LOGO
Crystal souvenir brooch
More good things can be click into the special purchase
Editor: Zhen Hao Source: Shanghai 46th World Skills Competition by Shanghai Human Resources and social security

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