Even before Russia entered Ukraine, the United States and Britain were so alarmed that they hastily evacuated their embassy in Ukraine

The voices of Ukraine, the US and Europe hyping “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” are rising, the Global Times reported.British media reported that the UK has followed the US in evacuating staff from its embassy in Ukraine.Officials reportedly said that while there was no threat to British diplomats, about half of the staff at the British embassy in Ukraine would return to the UK.The ANNOUNCEMENT came after the United States ordered relatives of its embassy staff to leave the country, saying “an invasion could come at any time,” British media said.Therefore, British media believe that the UK’s move is closely following the US.According to British media, 100,000 Russian troops are stationed on the Ukrainian border.NATO’s secretary general has warned of the risk of a new conflict in Europe.On January 23, the U.S. State Department raised its travel alert for Ukraine to the highest level, level 4, warning Americans not to travel to the country.”In light of the continued threat of Russian military action, the State Department has granted voluntary departure requests for DIRECT U.S. government employees and requested eligible relatives to vacate the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine,” the state Department said in a statement.French media reported that the US government stressed that the announcement does not mean that the US is leaving Ukraine, but if Russia “invaded” Ukraine, then the US embassy would not be able to evacuate US citizens.Russia has done nothing in the past 24 hours to make the US and Britain decide to leave, so the move by the US embassy is considered a “precautionary” measure, the report said.”He would not exaggerate the tensions between Ukraine and Russia,” said European Union foreign policy chief Joachim Borrell.Staff at the European Union embassy in Ukraine also said there was no immediate news of evacuation.Ukraine said the US decision to withdraw the relatives of its embassy staff was premature.He said the decision was a sign of excessive caution.

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