Taste of home!Shandong university students to bask in the New Year’s Eve dinner!

It is also a year to the spring, the most warm feeling when the cold.New Year’s Eve, a sumptuous dinner, full of family reunion expectations.New Year’s Eve dinner, the whole family sat around the table, telling the harvest of the year and the New Year’s vision, but also full of reunion joy.In all parts of the country, there are different customs and habits for eating New Year’s Eve dinner.What are the dishes you must have on your table?China University of Petroleum (East China) 2019 Chemistry major New Year wishes: Happy New Year!The Year of the Tiger!There must be a big elbow on the dinner table of New Year’s Eve, which means “to walk words, fish, no matter what fish is braised in soy sauce, steamed or, there must be one in the middle of the table, yes, it is a whole!Fish must leave their heads and tails.Usually can not eat up, to save for the first day, every year.Eat chicken feet, meaning New Year to scratch, rising successively;Pig’s claw meaning “around money” rake, New Year chew a piece of pig’s claw, hope the New Year’s wealth.Fried silkworm pupae, mouth full of protein taste, red sausage is also a symbol of the Northeast ah.The most important is the pot wrapped meat, sour and sweet delicious, northeast characteristics.Assorted cans at the dinner table is the existence of beer, said nothing in common, but always also.Finally, beer, beer, Samsung, two halves, dry red…As the saying goes, we celebrate the New Year in northeast China by drinking!Finally, as long as the family reunion dinner, that is the best year.New Year wishes: The New Year, I hope everything goes well, huhu shengwei, good luck ~ Li Xingyou Qufu Normal University 2020 physics (normal) professional New Year wishes: the New Year to be happy!Everybody wants tiger tiger to live wind!On the table of biological Engineering College, Qilu University of Technology, there are some common dishes for the Spring Festival in Dezhou, such as sparerib, fried chicken and meatballs.New Year wishes: The New Year, I hope that the family can be healthy, always keep smiling, I hope that every year can be as in the picture of the general reunion.New Year wishes: Come on in 2022, life is a landscape, happiness is a state of mind, spring see peach, summer see willow, autumn see chrysanthemum, winter enjoy plum, wish happiness and happiness accompany you;Month circle is poetry, the month lacks is the picture, the day is bright, romantic sunset, I wish you a happy New Year, schoenberg qilu industrial university freshman Qiao Meng in qilu industrial university inorganic non-metallic materials engineering machinery professional lwell yi liaocheng university musicology professional level 20 my hometown is in jiangsu suzhou, in suzhou ballad, “gusu food tricks, soft crisp taste sweet and delicious.Fried steamed bread, crab shell yellow, tiger claw claw even stick…”Suzhou people pay attention to fine, snacks, everything delicate and delicious, like Suzhou bubble wonton, cooked into a pot of wonton bubbles, floating in the hot soup, chopsticks poke, bubbles puffed out, leaving traces of hot soup.New Year’s message: WISH my family and friends are safe and healthy!!New Year’s greetings: It’s not how old you are, but how safe you are.Jiao Haonan New Year’s Message from Class C1 of Animal Medicine, Grade 2021, Haidu College, Qingdao Agricultural UniversityTime flies really fast ah, there is a moment in 2022, back to this time last year, still worried about whether to be admitted to the undergraduate course, last year is an extraordinary year, I was admitted to the undergraduate course, the wish came true, last year’s New Year’s Eve dinner to eat very uneasy, eat not satisfactory, this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner to eat very happy, smile very bright.2019 New Year wishes: Happy New Year!Everything goes well!Lu Jinling, a freshman majoring in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shandong Vocational College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is majoring in Human Resources in Class 2, Class 21, Shandong Vocational College of Labor and Technology.Wishes for the New Year: I wish you all the best in the year of tiger, tiger spirit, tiger head, tiger brain!The winter vacation of 2022 is coming, and college students are returning to their hometowns one after another.To tie in with the communist youth league central 2022 winter vacation the national college students’ social practice activity “return home”, guide students to fully experience the hometown of change, love home, speak good story home, feelings, strengthen the home countries of qilu evening news · JiLuYi point, news photography association will be held in shandong province “me and my hometown”, college students “return home” micro video/photo contest.It is expected that more college students will devote themselves to photographing the beauty and changes of their hometown.1. The entries must be closely related to the theme of the competition.The film revolves around “Me and My Hometown”.(1) On the way home.(2) He/she/it in his hometown.(3) Changes in hometown.(4) New Year’s Eve dinner.2. The entries must be guided correctly, rich in subject matter, authentic and artistic.The video file format is MP4, with clear picture and sound, and subtitles for key content. The duration is less than 1 minute and 30 seconds, and the file size is less than 50 meters.3. There is no limit to the shooting equipment for micro video/photography works.4. Shooting time of the entries: Winter vacation of 2022 (January 1, 2022 — February 28, 2022, depending on the winter vacation time of each university).5. Number of works: There is no limit to the number of works recommended by each student (team).Each university can recommend 6 works for micro video competition.6. Copyright is required for online submissions.In order to protect intellectual property rights and ensure the authenticity and rigor of the selection, all entries must be legal, authentic, original and without plagiarism.The entry will be disqualified if the works are suspected of violating the existing laws and policies or infringement.1. Method of submission: Participants should send electronic versions of all materials to 76968279@qq.com, and fill in the name of the participating school and the name of the participating project in the subject line of the email.Such as “Shandong University – Hometown change”.Participants shall bear the responsibility for any omission of evaluation due to failure to specify as required.2. Text requirements for introduction :(1)Word format.(2) The title of the file shall be the name of the prize + the author’s school + the author’s name (consistent with the ID card)+ the video description.(3) Text introduction content includes: video title no longer than 18 Chinese characters, name of the photographer (consistent with the ID card);Identity information of the video photographer: School of work or study + Department + grade + identity (teacher/employee/undergraduate/graduate);Date and time of shooting;Location of filming;Creative ideas.3. Deadline for submission: The final deadline is February 28, 2022.For other matters about this contest, please consult Mr. Wang: 17862971870.

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