Qingyang: Announcement on the release of epidemic prevention and control policy consultation telephone

In order to facilitate the consultation of epidemic prevention and control policies for personnel coming to Qingyang and returning to Qingqing, we now announce to the public the city and county Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters Office, CDC epidemic prevention and control policy consultation telephone: Qingyang Epidemic Prevention and Control Office: 0934-8615615 Qingyang CDC: 0934-8516005 Xifeng District Epidemic Prevention and control Office:0934-8213320 0934-8212770 Xifeng District CDC: 0934-8686302 Qingcheng County EPIDEMIC Control Office: 0934-3222332 0934-3268897 Qingcheng County CDC: 0934-3222649 Huanxian Epidemic Control Office:0934-4421121 0924992 Huanxian CDC: 0934-4421037 Huachi County Epidemic Control Office: 0934-5128955 0934-5121783 huachi County CDC:0934-5521590 0934-5521360 Heshui County DISEASE Control and Prevention Office: 0934-5521593 Zhengning County Disease Control and Prevention Office: 0934-5951753 0934-5951797Ning County Disease Control and Control Office: 0934-6621322 0934-6622409 Zhenyuan County DISEASE Control and Control Office: 0934-7163539 0934-7121828Qingyang COVID-19 Joint Prevention and Control Leading Group (Headquarters) Office January 28, 2022

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