Police “little told” to protect the masses “great peace”

With the end of the lunar New Year holiday, across a large number of migrant workers began to go to work, in order to further improve the masses of the people’s consciousness of rule of law and safety awareness, recently, XinYouQi public security bureau organization departments to carry out the hidden perils in safety and the safety of the Spring Festival return prevention propaganda work, efforts to improve people’s self protection ability, strengthen the sense of security and satisfaction.Tell propaganda, create a harmonious environment.First, we will carry out a special publicity campaign to combat gun violence.February 7-10, the flag of the public security bureau wu mountain mine station deep mining enterprises to carry out the screening made gun for blasting, knives and propaganda work, focus on screen whether there is any illegal selling knives, standard of knives, possession of a gun and harm the legal consequence of critical items for propaganda, and prominently posted posters in the enterprise,Employees of enterprises are encouraged to actively report crime clues involving guns and explosives, so as to jointly create a safe and harmonious social environment.Second, comprehensively carry out anti-fraud propaganda.With ice mound mound of sell like hot cakes, pervasive changers also smell business opportunities, being cheated masses, flags public security bureau organization departments in-depth populated places and residential areas in the past personnel to conduct electricity fraud prevention propaganda, main propaganda “shoddy”, “empty set of white Wolf” fraud molecules, such as timely in this unit the public release fraud prevention tips,We will work hard to protect the people’s pocketbooks.Told to check, protect the safety of the tip of the tongue.Flag before and after the Spring Festival, the public security bureau a drug ring investigation brigade continued in-depth jurisdiction catering industry, pharmacy, business areas to carry out the food and drug safety inspection work, mainly in the form of case interpretation of the basic law, to carry out propagation work on the food and drug safety and epidemic prevention and control knowledge and encourage the masses to actively participate in and support the comprehensive improvement of the food and drug safety work, report information related to food and drug safety,Thus forming a good atmosphere of “everyone cares about and maintains food and drug safety”.Hulunbuir Public Security Bureau News propaganda Department source | New Right Banner Public Security Bureau editor | Wang Yue audit | Wang Dan

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