Luoyang police emergency notice

Important reminder luoyang police issued an emergency notice quickly and xiaobian together to see it!At present, the COVID-19 epidemic abroad and the fight against telecommunications and online fraud are still facing severe challenges.To firmly implement the party central committee, provincial, municipal decision deployment, further strengthen the management of telecom network new illegal crime and cross-border work outstanding crime, resolutely curb our dealing in illegal immigration for fraud, in illegal and criminal activities, prevent the outbreak of backflow personnel outside the input risk, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people,1. All personnel are not allowed to travel to Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, THE United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia and other countries unless necessary.2. If you need to go to the above-mentioned countries in case of emergency, you should report to the local community (village) and police station at least 3 days in advance, and provide the business license, real estate certificate (purchase contract), rental contract, valid labor contract, official business trip documents and other relevant certification materials.Only after the police station has submitted the certification materials to the coordination group for cracking down on new types of telecom network crimes and cross-border prominent crimes for approval, can they go there.Iii. Those who are intercepted, notified and persuaded to return by border public security organs and National Immigration Administration departments due to failure to report for preparation and approval in advance will be severely punished according to relevant disposal measures for those detained in northern Myanmar.Police are warning Chinese nationals living in these countries not to engage in illegal activities such as telecom and Internet fraud and online gambling.Meanwhile, Chinese nationals who are staying in the above-mentioned countries without valid reasons are requested to return to China as soon as possible and explain their reasons for going to the local communities (villages) and police stations.Outside the dream about making money it was time to wake up more issued an urgent notice recently, henan, hubei, jiangxi and other places to release urged Burma north illegally, surrendered and non-essential not to travel to Cambodia and other countries of circular current, hiding overseas especially the criminal north myanmar, Cambodia, in the name of the recruitment and so on, through the recruitment website, network platform to release advertisement, with a high salary as bait,To attract young people to work is to engage in criminal fraud.After going abroad, while participating in fraud crimes, these people are also restricted in their personal freedom, or even beaten to injury, disability and death. Their life safety is not guaranteed, and they have to be punished by law after returning to China.According to the relevant personnel, most of them have a dream of wealth and lucky psychology, smuggling out of the country to overseas fraud dens not only earn money, but personal freedom is limited, personality humiliation, regret, suffering.The police here issued a safety warning: migrant workers, please go through formal channels, clean your eyes, do not be deceived by rhetoric, high salary return, be deceived and pulled into a criminal gang, become an accomplice of criminals, from the victim to harm.At the same time, we warn those in the north of Myanmar to stop committing crimes immediately, return to China as soon as possible, voluntarily surrender to the public security organs, and strive for leniency according to law.Important news spread

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