Look at the market in the future, tomorrow is off to a good start?See dish key wants to know in the near future

Today a lot of people, including many institutions have given a lot of confidence and hope to the market tomorrow, hope to get off to a good start.Of course I want to get off to a good start.But the big A Shanghai Composite index down inertia has not stopped, conditions do not have.In addition, the recent support level is near 3250, and the important pressure level above the boundary between Niu and Bear is 3500. If the recent rebound is first subjected to 3500 counter pressure, if the inertia falls, it will test the multi-day line cycle support of 3250.The following conclusion and focus: if it is empty or light warehouse or to see the market to do individual stocks, carefully waiting for the bottom of the market index morphological characteristics, such as the key support position appears at the bottom of the deviation, head and shoulders at the bottom of the shape, otherwise wait patiently.Look at the monthly line should know that this is a large level of adjustment, even if the opening rebound height is limited, late to continue to adjust the shape is inevitable, at least is a large probability, want to start a good v-reversal probability must be small.Finally ㊗️ friends of the year of the Tiger fans friends, 2022 smooth investment, grasp the future to create wealth.

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