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Chapter 2 Instant Death “Ah!”Wang Xuan’s screams rang out in the banquet hall.”How dare you hurt me!I’ll fucking kill you!”Wang Xuan’s voice immediately caught everyone’s attention.When they saw wang Xuan’s condition, they looked surprised.They immediately looked at Chu, who was sitting calmly in front of Wang Xuan.They don’t know exactly what just happened, but they know that guy did it.Sitting aside li Qingmei saw the look is also a zheng, then a face of surprise looked to Chu Lingtian.She had never expected chu Lingtian to attack Wang Xuan.She frowned.Today is the chow family’s celebration.That fellow’s behaviour is sheer licentious!Chu Lingtian looked at Wang Xuan with a flash of cold in her eyes.”No one dares to attack me in the dragon kingdom. You have a lot of courage.”The pain in his hands made Wang Xuan’s face grimmer.Pointing at Chu, he scolded: “You bastard, you dare to attack me, Wang Xuan. As long as you walk out of this hotel today, I will let you pay a painful price!”Chu lingtian narrowed her eyes.”I was going to save your life, but if you volunteered to die, I will.”Say, Chu Lingtian stood up, the body of the gas field immediately become sharp rise.Wang Xuan instantly felt a great sense of murder.His mind was consumed with fear.He could not help but back a few steps, swallow saliva, suppress the strange in the heart, deep voice: “don’t you dare!I’m the young master of the royal family. If you dare to touch me today, our royal family will make you wish you were dead!””Not only that, but your family is implicated by you.”Chu Lingtian sneered and said, “Oh?Is that so?””Then let the royal family disappear together.”Chu Lingtian’s words let everyone look at each other.Make the Royal family disappear?Wang unexpectedly is not as powerful as zhou’s strength, but it is also a hundred years old family in Dachang City, is so easy to perish.If the dragon’s top bosses can do it, but definitely not the man in front of them.Therefore, the people did not believe chu Lingtian’s words.Chu Lingtian walked to Wang Xuan step by step.’Enough!When Chu Lingtian approached Wang Xuan, Li Qingmei opened her mouth.Wang Xuan is her suitor, this matter is due to her in the final analysis.If she allows this person to kill Wang Xuan, not only the Wang family side hard to explain.And will also destroy the week’s celebration, the week blamed down, she can not bear the week’s anger.Chu Lingtian turned a deaf ear to Li Qingmei’s words, steps did not stop.Li Qingmei saw Chu Lingtian did not ignore her, her face sank.She put her red wine cup heavily on the low table beside her and got up and walked towards Chu Lingtian. “I asked you to stop. Are you deaf?”Chu Ling tian glanced at her one eye, tone of indifference say: “get lost!”Chu Lingtian’s words let Li Qingmei immediately stare big eyes.”How dare you talk to me like that, I’m a miss Lee from Dachang!””You’ve already offended the Wangs. A wangs would make you wish you were dead. Now do you want to offend the Lees too?””You can’t afford the anger of our Lee family!”Li Qingmei pointed to Chu Ling day toe high qi ang said.”Lee family?What is that?”Chu lingtian’s tone was flat, but for some reason, Li qingmei could hear disdain in his words.Li Qingmei’s face changed, and she pointed at Chu Lingtian and shouted harshly: “bastard!””We Lees are a hundred years old family in Dachang. How dare you be so contemptuous!””I tell you, we Lees just move our fingers when we want to make someone disappear from the world!”The Lees, who made their fortune at The Heungang port in Dachang, swam in a gray area.Rao is now the lee home owner kam pan wash hands, the Lee family industry basic wash, but on the road is still extraordinary position.Moreover, the Lees also run three major underground societies in Dachang, with hundreds of outlaws under their command, which is a special presence in Dachang.Therefore, dachang city’s ordinary rich families have to fear the Lee family a bit.”And then what?Chu Ling day smell speech, look did not change of say.Li Qingmei groaned coldly, looked at Chu Lingtian with both hands around her chest and said, “Kowtow to Wang Xuan immediately and apologize!And apologize to me for your words just now.””Otherwise, I li Qingmei will not forgive!”When Wang Xuan saw That Li Qingmei had spoken for him, he straightened his back and raised his head slightly, saying, “Kneel down on your knees and give this young master a hundred clings and then make amends to this young master.””Or you could lose your hand.””When my master’s anger dissipates, MY master will consider letting you off.”Wang Xuan immediately had a dagger brought to him.Chu Lingtian stood with his hands behind his back and said unclearly: “Interesting, no one has ever dared me to kneel.””The dagger is here, and it must be put to good use. I leave it to you.”Li Qingmei’s facial expression on the face was more heavy a few minutes, she said angrily.”Rascal, I think you won’t die until you reach Yellow River heart!”‘Somebody, drag him down for me, and make him disappear from this world!Chu Ling day frowned, displeased of say: “noisy noise!””Pa!”See chu Ling day raise a hand, a slap fell in li Qingmei’s face.Li qingmei was knocked unsteadily by the force of the impact, stumbled a few steps, and then fell heavily to the ground.Her face swelled up and her hair, which had been carefully done, fell apart.”God your mother, you dare to touch Miss Li, I will teach you to be a man today!”When Wang Xuan saw his sweetheart being beaten in front of him, he was very angry.He immediately stare big eyes, the expression is cruel and severe of saw chu Ling day, angry roar way.Wang Xuan took the dagger from the waiter and stabbed Chu Lingtian.Chu lingtian reached out her hand and the dagger in Wang Xuan’s hand was in his.Then, Chu Ling day wrist move.All they saw was a flash of cold light.The dagger went into Wang Xuan’s head and even pierced his skull!”Er…”Wang Xuan opened his eyes wide and let out a muffled moan of pain.Then his body fell back.”Bang!””And fell heavily to the ground.Instant death!Blood rushed from Wang Xuan’s head, staining the white floor beneath him.Static!The eerie silence in the banquet hall.Everyone was dazed by this sudden scene.That guy had the nerve to hit Li Qingmei in public.That guy even took Wang Xuan’s life in public!(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!

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