Independent B grade “price butcher”, more than 100,000 to AT wave box!Configuration than accord Magotan dazzles

Independent B grade “price butcher”, more than 100,000 to AT wave box!Configuration than Accord Magotan also dazzled in the domestic B-class car consumer market, it can be said that almost is the world of joint venture brands, Accord Magotan Camry these products are enduring, and are large sales, leaving the space for domestic independent brands is really narrow.More importantly, the price of Domestic B-class cars must be lowered in order to gain the trust of the market. Therefore, most domestic independent automobile brands do not have the enthusiasm to develop B-class cars at all, preferring to develop more competitive cheap models rather than risk building intermediate cars.One exception is GAC Trumpchi, which launched the GA6 early.Old fans may remember that Gac Trumpchi spent a lot of money on product placement for transformers movies, including the GA6.As a result, the sales performance of this model is not outstanding. If we look at the data of last year, gaC Trumpchi GA6 only sold 3756 units in a year, and there were several months in which the monthly sales even did not exceed 100 units, which is simply marginalized.However, GAC Trumpchi is not ready to give up, and recently updated GA6 after many years, this time with three different configurations.The introductory price of the new car is only 108,800 yuan. Inflation in recent years has not raised the introductory price of this model, which is consistent with the initial introductory price of the 2019 model. This is absolutely the independent B-level price butcher, compared with the price threshold of The Accord Magotan, which is not a grade at all.This clearly is to and lavida Corolla Henyi joint venture compact class models dislocation competition.The new version gaC Trumpchi GA6 size is still powerful, the total length of the body is 4891mm, the wheelbase is 2815mm, obviously belongs to the very standard B-class body.The new version of the design sense is also significantly improved, the front face of the more dense horizontal grain chrome intake net is very atmospheric, with LED matrix headlight source on both sides.The side view is coordinated in proportion, and the tail is supported by through-through lighting.More importantly, the interior technology configuration is dazzle than accord Magotan, high version directly provides 12.3 inches of central control navigation with a large screen, even with the minimum 10.25 inches, plus 12.3 inches of LCD dashboard, the entire central control table is completely through the large screen effect.In addition, other parts of the material is also quite generous, including the mesa and door inside are covered by a large number of soft bags.The only pity is that the power system is not replaced in this update, and the 1.5T turbocharged engine of GAC Trumpchi from several years ago is still used, with a maximum output power of 169 horsepower. Compared with other B-class cars, the performance is really not strong.But the minimum match is matched with the 6AT hand automatic transmission, such a combination is very sincere, if in the field of joint venture brand, can you imagine the starting price of 108,800 to hand automatic transmission?Not to mention this is a length of nearly 4.9 meters of the car.Here’s the question: Do you think trumpchi GA6 is worth it?Welcome to leave a message in the comments section and discuss with fans!Spend a second point attention, make lifelong good friends!Part of the pictures come from the network, it is not easy to write, look forward to the three key.

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