Wolves narrowly beat LGD 3-2 to win the Intrepid Cup!Can the double crown “Wild King” Chenyang replace Jinyu?

KPL spring summer in 2020, the second team main force player chongqing wolves are listed, but their team rarely, they eventually auction and stay, so now they continue on behalf of the chongqing wolves to the bold challenge, after several days of effort, chongqing wolves apart from a few teams entered the finals,If Chen Yang wins the finals again, he will have won two small cups in the Platform Cup with Chongqing Wolves, which makes him a good candidate to return to KPL.Chongqing Wolves vs Hangzhou LGD geese fifth game lineup analysis: this game on both sides of the selection of a set of mid-stage offensive ability strong lineup, so early to get the advantage of the team can basically push opposite in the middle of the game, this chongqing Wolves breaking point is pig eight quit and Hangzhou LGD geese breaking point is Guiguzi.PS: Chenyang’s Luna is a Chinese player, so chongqing Wolves have a better chance.0 to 5 minutes: both sides saw wild are peaceful, high in the early chongqing Wolf team auxiliary four package two geese in hangzhou LGD big road a tower, they eventually use it less sun from the cost of strike killed hangzhou LGD keep big goose tower double C, although the concubine got the head but this wave of chongqing wolves was made, because chongqing wolves got the scene through the wave rhythm;After a little bit to support the pig eight quit killed off the team mates beat mutilated Yu Ji, early Chongqing Wolves got a little advantage.5-7 minutes: Chenyang Luna single push Hangzhou LGD goose tower results were rushed to guiguzi pull back, finally cloud cherry killed chenyang Luna, now the two sides back to the same starting line;After the little pig eight quit flash to Hangzhou LGD goose double C, teammates keep up with the injury directly seconds off the ginger tooth, after losing the ginger tooth Hangzhou LGD goose choose to retreat.7-9 minutes: Hangzhou LGD geese run Wolf to moonlight ying Zheng, although Lu Bu jumped the Dayue Tower to kill the residual blood shaoGongsun away, but then Jiang Ziya killed the residual blood Gongsun away to stop the loss, this wave down or Hangzhou LGD geese more profit;After cloud cherry hit tyrant Chenyang Luna directly a big to rob, although not to rob but show off the escape of Guiguzi, and then with teammates to kill off the remnants of blood cloud Cherry, this wave of Hangzhou LGD geese directly just got all the advantages of spit out.9 to 11 minutes:Chenyang Luna in playing master, and the other four people choose to push Hangzhou LGD goose in the two tower, Lv Bu saw this directly around the big move after the road, in The Yu Ji single cut off the reverse escape of the Xiao Hui Sun bin only three chongqing Wolves routed, then speech less Gongsun also want to go to Hangzhou LGD goose blue area interference opposite,The results were directly hangzhou LGD geese run Wolf kill off and also involved to save his moonlight Ying Zheng, this wave of four dead Chongqing wolves very hurt;After the morning sun lu Na want to rob the shadow tyrant results failed to send, now Chongqing Wolves can only be passive defense.11-15 minutes: Morning Sun Luna rob the shadow dominate failure, now through the operation of the fight slowly nibbled away all the chongqing Wolves outside the tower of Hangzhou LGD goose has a relatively large advantage;After Hangzhou LGD geese want to push chongqing Wolves highland tower, because little pig eight quit and open very well, so finally Chongqing wolves stopped hangzhou LGD geese this wave of advance.Huang Daxian: Dian Dian pig bajie really good.15-16 minutes: the two sides in the shadow tyrant entangled, because chongqing Wolves battle force is very strong, so the first play of the cloud ying and Lv Bu was disabled and chose to retreat, but around the guiguzi also choose the result of failure to send, so Chongqing Wolves directly choose to kill, hangzhou LGD goose was eventually destroyed and a wave.Congratulations to Chongqing Wolves for winning the 2022 Intrepid Challenge championship!So far, Chen Yang has won two small cup champions. He is very good in both hero pool and overall performance. He has the style of “wild king”, so do you think he can replace Jin Yu in spring competition?

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