Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea

As a naturalist, Aronnax was always itching for the vastness of the sea, when Captain Nemo graciously sent him the good news that he was invited to join him in a hunting expedition in the undersea forests.They changed into their suits, strapped on their oxygen tubes, and off they went!The group slowly stepped onto the plain and felt the fine sand beneath their feet. Schools of fish of different species raced past them. Colorful coral decorated the underwater forest.This was Aronnax’s first close encounter with the undersea world, and the prospect of such an underwater spectacle kept him in high spirits for days.Then they returned to the submarine, where the professor spent some quiet time discussing the underwater wonders with his servant.One evening captain Nemo suddenly ordered them to be imprisoned.All night they wondered why they had been restricted and what was going on outside.When they were free again, Aronnax had no time to ask an angry question before he was told to attend to the injured crew of the submarine.Looking at the crew so badly wounded, Aronnax’s doubts about that night grew.But no one would answer his questions, and soon after, these crewmen died of their wounds, and Captain Nemo, in his grief, ordered an underwater funeral.The aronnax trio also had the opportunity to glimpse the magical kingdom of coral. In the depths of the sea, there was a cemetery in a hidden coral forest. The cross on the head of the cemetery was made of natural coral.From here the polyps spread, and gradually began to cover the whole tomb, so that the dead sailors could sleep there for ever, undisturbed by men on land or sharks in the water.The Morale of the Nautilus had fallen so severely after this loss that everyone on board was in low spirits. In order to restore hope, Captain Nemo decided to visit the nearest fishing ground on the island.So, we came to this place together, they walked the horse to watch the pearl, while listening to the captain introduced the secrets of Chinese pearl cultivation.The most common method is to insert a small piece of metal or glass into the fold of the mollusk’s sac.The mollusks, stimulated by metal or glass, secreted a steady stream of nacreous material that coated the particles and formed dazzling pearls, a process captain Nemo seemed familiar with.He had been talking in great detail, and they had been listening with interest, when suddenly a dark shape came straight towards them, and they all ducked for cover, thinking it was a shark.The captain then explained the work of pearl divers, who often dive into the sea without any protective equipment under terrible working conditions.As a result, their ears and eyes are always bloodshot, and they may be attacked by sharks if they are unlucky, but they are paid very little.We are sad for the fate of the pearl people, but also for the pearl field of a false alarm feel glad.Just as the crew was on the point of returning to the Nautilus, it was discovered that this time the defenceless diver was indeed being hunted by sharks, and that he was no match for the nimble aquatic sharks.Soon was about to die the mouth of the shark, the critical moment mani captain to come forward, he with rich combat experience, soon the pearl fishermen safety into the boat, before leaving also kindly sent a bag of pearls to each other.But Aronnax was surprised by Captain Nemo’s heroic efforts. From what he had come to know of Captain Nemo, the captain was a man who did not want to interact with humans, or even hated them.By threatening the Aronnax trio never to go ashore, Captain Nemo had no love for land, but he chose to rescue them out of desperation.Instead of watching the death of a man he hated, Aronnax deduced that captain Nemo, cold-blooded and heartless as he seemed, was in fact a gallant, loving man.Leaving the fishermen, the Nautilus resumed its voyage, and soon reached the Red Sea, where Aronnax and Captain Nemo discussed the origin of its name.According to the Old Testament story of Exodus, Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and came to the sea. When he stretched the walking stick given to him by the Lord out to the sea, the water parted and let the Israelites pass.The chasing Pharaoh’s army hurried down to the bottom of the sea, but Moses again stretched out his staff to divide the water and lead the Israelites ashore.The waters closed again, and the French army was lost, all buried at the bottom of the sea. Their blood stained the sea, hence the name “Red Sea”.Of course, this is just a story, but the Red Sea is red because of the seasonal bloom of red algae on the surface of the Red Sea, and it is these algae that create the sea of blood that gives it its name.Captain Nemo also mentioned the construction of the Suez Canal. This is not a modern whim, but it had been ordered by the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt and had been abandoned several times for various reasons.As we all know, the Suez Canal was, in fact, officially completed in 1869, so the Nautilus could not have crossed the Mediterranean directly from the Red Sea.But Captain Nemo quietly told Aronnax that he had a plan to get his submarine to the Mediterranean in less than two days, which surprised Aronnax and made him wonder what the captain had in mind.Incredently, Aronnax followed Captain Nemo into the cockpit, and to his great surprise, Captain Nemo himself took the helm. Miraculously, he had found an opening in the deep sea wall guarded by shrimps.Then Captain Nemo plunged the Nautilus into this dark corridor without looking back, and when he emerged through another opening, he had reached his destination — the Mediterranean Sea.Aronnax stared with excitement at the mysterious tunnels that had appeared out of nowhere, not only because of the tunnels, but because they were closer to home.Once in the Mediterranean, Aronnax was eager to return home and had several thoughts of escape. His servant followed him, and so did the nautilus’s sideman.That day, the three of them hatched an escape plan. They planned to leave secretly in the skiff after dark, and Aronnax waited anxiously for night to come.Although I am reluctant to continue this wonderful underwater journey from now on, it is a temptation that can be overcome compared with the daily dream of life on land.As the time ticked closer and closer, and the three men waited anxiously,

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