Three highlights of the 2022 Gala: Ma Fanshu’s beautiful Sa Beining mouth ladle and the singer’s real singing

2022 Spring Festival Gala three highlights Ma Fanshu beautiful Sa Beining mouth ladle singer really sing it is worth mentioning the strength of the singer this year are really sing.Han Hong’s singing of “So many people in the world” is deeply touching and refreshing.The orchestration is just guitar accompaniment, but the emotion is very rich.The choreography was just right.Han hong’s ease is impressive.Liu Huan’s songs are not difficult, but they are difficult to sing.Very stable.Sun Nan, Tan Weiwei “Spring bell” singing seamless.No flaws.Tan weiwei is just a little nervous.Li Ronghao, Angela Chang “Love Together” Li Ronghao A rhythm almost not on, behind the harmony is commendable.Angela Chang has been steady.I hope our TV parties are on par with CCTV.The singer really sings, no matter where he sings.The green landscape dance accompanied by guqin is beautiful and tasteful.Meng Qingyang’s leading dance was cold and elegant, showing the classical beauty of Chinese Han nationality every gesture and smile.Look closely, and stand out from the crowd.

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