Premier League: Crystal Palace v Chelsea

Crystal Palace are 13th in the league on 26 points with 5 wins, 11 draws and 8 losses, safe from relegation.Unbeaten in their last three games, not bad considering the quality of the team, and unbeaten in all but Liverpool’s last six games.It is worth noting that the team’s home performance is good, 4 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses, the unbeaten rate is as high as 75%, at the same time, the average score of 1.75 in 21 games, conceded 15 goals, the overall attack and defense do relatively good.Chelsea are third on 47 points and their chances of winning the title are all but gone.The team just won the world Club Championship a few days ago, which can fully stimulate the morale of the team.In the last 10 matches, the team has 5 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss, among which 2 wins, 1 draws and 1 loss away from home are better than away from home in the whole league, winning 53%, scoring 21 goals and conceding 8 goals, and keeping zero shutouts for many times. The defense has done extremely well, but the only deficiency is that the offensive end needs to be improved to maintain the top four positions.This early rock gave away to Chelsea to seven cents collocation, low strength of concessions is reasonable, the history of the two sides met Chelsea superiority is bigger, the crystal palace at the offensive end is good, but the recent main striker meet goals panic have an effect to the team, the two teams tactics the home team is back + set-piece goals, Chelsea is the ball is given priority to, can be the club, the home team playPersonal ability is relatively strong, data late adjustment is not big but still maintain a firm attitude, comprehensive factors, this game as a visiting team fan.Direction: the main negative, 3-0, 0 to 4 eggs: 020 championship: Bristol class v middlesbrough 23:00 five collocation is low, the visiting team let two hair band 2 higher than that of history, under the visitors away poor grades but still have backed from the visiting team recent performance and team goal is to upgrade the qualification, the data to conform to this level, do the visiting fans.Direction: main negative (let negative) touch down: 0 to 4,1 to 5

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