Pit Allies?Protests erupt in Canada for the 8th day in a row, police say, backed by U.S. money

“The United States decides whether the world is in chaos.”It may not be true, but it does make sense.In recent years, the United States has increasingly played by the rules — Washington sees any country as a potential target for leeks and fleece, including its staunch Allies, in its quest for profit.Last year’s submarine crisis is a case in point.This time, the United States is reaching out to Canada, its staunch ally and neighbor.Thousands of people took to the streets of Ottawa, Canada’s capital, Toronto and other cities to protest against the vaccine mandate.More than 5,000 people took part in a protest in Ottawa, and hundreds gathered in Toronto and Quebec City.It is worth noting that this round of anti-vaccine protests in Canada has continued for eight days since 30th of last month.The protest was sparked by Mr Trudeau’s announcement that all truckers crossing the US-Canada border must be vaccinated or be quarantined for 14 days after crossing.When the policy was introduced, truckers immediately opposed it.The drivers then formed a coalition called “Freedom Caravan” to protest the government’s mandatory vaccination order, which eventually turned into a nationwide protest.In fact, similar anti-coronavirus restrictions protests have become so common in western countries since the outbreak began that they are hardly news.But protests lasting more than a week, as in Canada, are rare.What is even more noteworthy is that the nature of the protest goes beyond “anti-epidemic restrictions”.A day earlier, on May 5, a truck plowed into a crowd in Nitoba, injuring four people.Some Ottawa residents, too, have been bothered by incessant honking of horns and broken Windows for wearing masks.In addition, over the past eight days, there have been protesters waving Confederate or Nazi flags, and others calling for the dissolution of the Canadian government.The Ottawa Police Chief, John Sloely, said the police had been trying to put more officers into the protests, but they didn’t have enough resources to end them because they were so large.Mr Sloly also told a news conference that Ottawa was “under siege”, that the protests were a “national riot” and that the police were doing their best.It is not hard to see how the Protests in Canada could not have lasted so long, or been so large, that the police could not have done anything about it, without the people behind them.And so it is.According to the Ottawa police, the blockades in downtown Ottawa were a well-organized group of demonstrators backed by money from the United States.Canadian police have charged four protesters with hate crimes and are conducting a joint investigation with the FBI.To this, briefly discuss a few superficial views.First, as Canada’s prime minister Trudeau, this round of protests to intensify the responsibility cannot shirk.As the protests blossomed, Trudeau was nowhere to be seen — his family was hastily moved to an undisclosed location at the end of last month because of security concerns after the latest protest site was just 4km from the prime minister’s office.Until now, Canadians have no idea where the prime minister is, except that he is still in Ottawa.Shortly after his emergency transfer, Trudeau announced that he had COVID-19 and was working remotely.The timing is so “coincidental” that many Canadian media believe that Trudeau’s sudden announcement of the diagnosis is likely to avoid confrontation with protesters.In addition, Trudeau still said that he did not intend to use the military to end the protests, nor did he intend to negotiate with the protesters.It is hard to understand why Trudeau has resorted to “laissez-faire therapy” to protest when he can take coercive measures against the epidemic.If Trudeau had defused the situation in the first place after the protests, the situation might not have been as bad as it is now.Second, the US is becoming more and more explicit about “cheating its Allies”.The move comes less than a month after a major anti-vaccine protest erupted in Germany, with nearly 200,000 people taking part in more than 1,000 demonstrations.A German police investigation found that most of the demonstrations were organized by an anti-vaccine group called the Dresden Offline Network, which was heavily promoted by a 67-year-old American neo-Nazi, Mr. De Nugent.The group’s German leader, Daniel, also acknowledged after his arrest that without De Nugent’s support, the extremist group would not have reached its current size.Now, a similar scenario is unfolding in Canada, an ally with the same epidemic.The Canadians never imagined that the phrase “too far from heaven, too close to America” would one day apply to them.Third, it is not for nothing that America’s diplomatic path is getting narrower and harder to lead.After taking office, Mr Biden declared that the era of “America First” was over and, under the slogan “America is back”, promised to repair America’s relations with its Allies.But now, a year later, from Washington’s interception of a French submarine deal to America’s stoking of the flames in Germany and Canada.There is every indication that Biden is merely rebranding Trump’s “America First.”It’s hard to lead a team when people are scattered.If this continues, who will serve the United States in the future?The US is now on the road to the end of its hegemony with “confidence and determination”.

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