Medical core lithium light collective rise!The consolidation of the end of the month to welcome the dawn, low valuation of the main line to meet the challenge, the track stocks can continue to rebound?

Financial Union (Shanghai, editor tsao Long) news, today (February 15), gem refers to a long time to usher in a surge, under the help of many track stocks, the closing, GEM refers to rise 3%.In terms of sectors, THE CRO concept rose by more than 5%, the semiconductor sector rose by nearly 3%, the lithium battery, military industry, new energy vehicles and other track sectors also significantly strengthened, and the recently active scenic spots, tourism, hotels, airports and other low-valuation sectors that are the main line of epidemic recovery fell sharply, leading the decline in the sector index.The CRO concept sector has been one of the fastest rebounding circuit sectors of the week. The sector index surged again today, closing up nearly 6%.Individual stocks, Chengda pharmaceutical promoted 2 even board, Zhao Yan new drug, Pharmatech, Kelaiying trading limit, Teng pharmaceutical surged more than 17%, pharmaceutical technology, Pharmaron up more than 10%, Medisi, Jiuzhou pharmaceutical, Hao Yuan pharmaceutical, sunshine and Baicheng pharmaceutical stocks rose.Since Last December, the concept of CRO has been retracting, and the plate index once fell by nearly 30%. With a large area of stock decline, the bull market chip structure that was too concentrated before has been gradually dissolved, and the valuation price performance of some leading enterprises has begun to emerge.Sinolink Securities believes that the inflection point of investment in the medical sector is coming, and a reversal opportunity will be ushered in 2022. The main judgment is based on the following aspects: the valuation of a large number of subdivided track core targets has been sharply adjusted, and is now at a historical low;The impact of the epidemic on hospital diagnosis and treatment is gradually eliminated, the plate is expected to usher in Davis double click;The overseas epidemic situation may exceed expectations, and the epidemic prevention and control sector is expected to usher in a reassessment opportunity.Similar to THE CRO plate, last year continued active new energy industry chain also has a large scale retreat, as of today (February 15) closing, lithium battery plate since December last year a cumulative decline of 16.5%, the weight of Ningde times has also fallen nearly 22%.Some analysts say that the current domestic market preference from growth to defense is the core factor of this round of decline.Dongwu Securities pointed out that the company (Ningde times) due to all kinds of rumors of the recent stock price error, valuation back to the historical bottom.And 2022 is a big year for global electric vehicle and energy storage sales, and the company has sufficient orders in hand. It is expected that the global installed share will further increase to 35%+, and shipments and performance are expected to continue to double and grow. The current valuation is obviously undervalued.Disease recovery line is down today, the track after consolidation or rebound in the near future, significantly stronger tourism, hotels, airports, plates, as early because of the influence of the outbreak and suppressed industry, with the recent new specific process gradually, domestic epidemic situation improves, the impact on the life and the marginal, epidemic recovery lines in company with steady growth has became a hot issue market.Since this year, the three high weight stocks have become the main object of valuation killing, the market style has also gradually turned to the low valuation plate, coupled with the reversal of expectations in some industries, under the capital preference, the low plate has become the main line of style in the near future, the track stocks have become the main selling object.Bank of China Securities pointed out that from the perspective of the current time point, in all the stable growth markets, low-valuation industries can break through the mean and move toward the positive one standard deviation. The current low valuation rebounded 17% relative to the bottom of the whole A, which is 3% higher than the mean, and there is still 12% relative return space above the positive one standard deviation (except for 18 years,All the steady growth upward window periods have not touched the upper edge of one standard deviation), there is still trading space;From the perspective of time consumption, in the first three rounds of steady growth, the average time of low valuation/full A upward window period is about 3 months (the 18-year time consumption is 5 months).Therefore, the differentiated market of steady growth upward and science and technology downward is about to enter the equilibrium period, and the low valuation steady growth industry/all A upward has obvious income ceiling constraint. From the perspective of distal return, the layout of the technology industry should be considered at the current stage and wait for the end of the window period.Bohai Securities also pointed out that in the medium term, in the steady growth gradually entered the performance verification stage will usher in the recovery stage, and the adjusted growth plate will gradually have the value of participation.In the short term, after the rebound of the market in the first week after the holiday, panic gradually eased, but the market trading has not fully recovered, the future needs to consolidate the process, and gradually enter the stage of sentiment recovery.Industry allocation, due to space problems, for the “stable growth” plate with a large short-term cumulative increase, it is not suitable to chase up, but considering that the social and financial structure still needs to be optimized, the steady growth policy will still exert its power, so the stable growth plate can still play the game if there is a callback.

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