Ignite the love of ice and snow!Economic Daily praises New Xiangjiang Happy City!

(Economic Daily highlights: four seasons can come to Changsha “happy” ice and snow) The Beijing Winter Olympic Games is in full swing, far away changsha citizens’ enthusiasm for ice and snow sports has reached the “boiling point”, the ice and snow economy is releasing a unique “heat effect”.In this Spring Festival holiday, xu Zhe, a zhuzhou citizen who has never been in contact with ice and snow sports, came to Xiangjiang Happy City, Xiangjiang New District, Hunan province to ski.It’s exciting and refreshing to hop on a skateboard and hurtle down a 130-meter long ski slope.”Skiing used to be far away from our southern lives, but now we have such a good ski resort on our doorstep, which provides a new place for families to spend money and a new scene for children to cultivate their interests.”Xu zhe told reporters that with the Beijing Winter Olympics, ice and snow sports have become a new consumption fashion among young people.In his circle of friends, ice climbing, curling and extreme sports on snow are also gaining more and more attention.Located in The King Mountain Tourist resort in Xiangjiang New Area, Hunan province, The Xiangjiang Happy City Happy Snow Field is 36 meters underground and keeps the temperature of -5 ℃ all year round, attracting many skiers all the year round.”This year’s Spring Festival coincides with the Beijing Winter Olympics, and ice sports are getting more and more popular.In the past, consumers in the south had to go to the cold northeast in winter to ski because there were no ski venues.Now, with the reconstruction of the consumption scene, the citizens of Changsha, located in the south of China, have included skiing as a regular play.”Xiangjiang Happy city happy snow area related person in charge, nearly a month, to the Xiangjiang happy city happy snow area to play the number of tourists rose nearly 200%.Zhou Ying, party secretary and president of Hunan Xiangjiang Group, said ice and snow sports have made great progress since Beijing won the bid to host the 2015 Winter Olympic Games, promoting the popularity of ice and snow sports, which used to be relatively small in the past, and now have entered ordinary people’s homes.Located in IFS, changsha, the tallest building in Hunan province, D0 Ice Skating Rink officially opened on May 7, 2018.This is a professional integrated skating rink built in accordance with international standards. Since its opening, it has been very popular every day, with a daily passenger flow of 400 people on weekdays and 800 people on weekends and holidays.Located in a large shopping center, the ice rink is not only popular for its own consumption, but also brings a large number of high-quality customers for IFS accommodation, catering and shopping.Due to natural conditions, most of hunan’s ski resorts rely on indoor artificial snow, but in this way, visitors can experience the fun of snow company all year round.”As the technology of ice and snow making advances and the cost of consumption drops, more and more southerners are joining in skiing and snow entertainment.”Zhou Ying introduced that according to the incomplete statistics of hunan Sports Bureau, hunan has more than 10 ice and snow sports venues in various cities and states, and the ice and snow industry is increasing at a rate of 15% year by year.”There is a large market space for ice and snow sports in south China. In the future, we will vigorously build an ice and snow sports tourism industry system based on the operation of ice and snow facilities in Xiangjiang Happy City and the leisure and fitness of ice and snow masses.”Hu Jing, secretary general of Changsha Sports Industry Association, introduced that Changsha now has 4 large-scale skating venues and 3 skiing venues, with a total area of 52,100 square meters.In 2021, there will be 1 million visits to these venues, and the direct operating income of ticket consumption and coaching fees generated by these venues will reach 152 million yuan, and the total secondary consumption driven by these venues will reach 372 million yuan.”Two feet parallel, push the pole to the wrist force, the center of gravity can not move back, or you may fall.”When you turn, lift the skis or you’ll step on them”…Li Li, an 8-year-old primary school student, slides down the snow slope in changsha, capital of east China’s Changsha Province, Feb. 12, 2019.That day, changsha outside freezing rain, but the three bears ice kingdom hot “snow” boiling.At the two primary courses, students like Lili accounted for more than half of the participants.”Three Bears is the first indoor ski resort in Changsha to be put into operation, and the students are mainly kindergarten children and primary school students.As snow and ice sports become more popular, many middle school and college students have joined in this winter vacation, up 30 percent.”Three Bears ice Kingdom director said Wednesday.”Young people are the main force in ice sports.”Xiangjiang Happy city happy snow skiing school principal Gao Yongqing, since the school opened in July last year, has trained tens of thousands of students, mainly children and young people.”Instantaneous reception capacity of 1500 people, maximum daily reception capacity of 4500 people.”Gao yongqing said.In order to promote the participation of the whole society, the xiangjiang river is suitable for all ages, joy city planning at different times of the ice and snow experience activities, such as “power Olympics five card” “five card” private lessons “preferential card” and so on, at the same time introduced specifically for 6 to 17 years old young “cool snow young ski boot camp” series of products, and in combination with changsha triathlon sports association,Set up the iron 3 training base in Xiangjiang Happy City and hold the “Snow mini (family) Triathlon” from time to time.”Public enthusiasm for ice and snow sports is at an all-time high, and ice and snow sports will continue to be a popular pastime and a new digging sport in the south.”According to Gao yongqing, at present, the proportion of young tourists in Happy Snow Area has risen to 40% from 20% last year.Hu said that in 2020, the number of schools featuring snow and ice sports in China will reach 2,062, and Changsha has two schools on the shortlist.Nowadays, 5,000 to 10,000 primary school students in Changsha take part in ice and snow sports more than once a week, and the annual training output reaches 20 million yuan.There are 8000 college students participating in ice and snow sports, and the annual consumption is more than 50 million yuan.In one year, the total amount of youth ice sports training and direct consumption in Changsha reached 220 million yuan.The vigorous consumption of ice and snow sports promotes the development of ice and snow characteristic schools.Yuelu District Tanzhou Experimental School, Kaifu District Qingshuitang Jiangwan Primary School, Yuhua District Shazitang Chongde Primary school has completed the renovation and expansion of the campus ice and snow roller skating field. Zhilushan International Experimental Primary School, Tianxin District Qingya Lifa School, High-tech Zone Rilong Primary School, Yuhua District Shazitang Primary school are preparing for the construction of ice and snow roller skating field.Ice and snow sports are hot, and the consumption of related cultural travel products is also growing rapidly.Changsha has already had three heavy snowfalls this year.Snow falling, for the natural scenic spots to bring rare climate wonders, snow scenery, playing snow photos, enjoy the rime and other pro-snow tourism activities become the most popular tourism projects, snow and ice sports, snow and ice folk tourism, snow and ice health tourism and other types of products to bring new economic highlights.During the Spring Festival, hunan saw a 54 percent year-on-year increase in ski-themed hotel bookings and a nearly 40 percent year-on-year increase in ticket orders for snow, ice and ski attractions.All kinds of winter Olympics peripheral products are also in hot sales, ice skates, ski clothing, snowboards become hot “New Year goods”.February 11, located in changsha city furong North road decathlon store, reporters see skiing goods on the shelves, many goods have been snapped up.”The enthusiasm for snow and ice sports is so high that sales of ski clothes, gloves and other equipment in the store are up 100 to 120 percent from last year.”The shop salesman told reporters.The reporter learned from Xiangjiang Happy City that the sales of snow and ice sports equipment and snow toys in the happy snow area increased significantly, including the sales of snow equipment increased by 60% year on year, the sales of ski gloves increased by 80% year on year, and the sales of snow bucket toy sets, snow clips and other snow toys increased by 30% year on year.I knew you were “watching”.

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