“Hello, what if I can’t return the hotel I booked?”Binjiang Xincheng community volunteer, “Green” do their best

“Hello, can you ask the community to give me a certificate that the epidemic situation in my area is serious and I can’t go out!I booked a hotel for several nights, and only with this certificate can I check out the hotel. There has been no solution, please help me to write a certificate!”Celebrate the Year of the Tiger · Welcome the New Year in binjiang District Xincheng community volunteers Yuan Caixia received such a phone call, can hear the end of the phone very anxious.It turned out that the supplicants had planned to travel during the Spring Festival, but the sudden outbreak of the epidemic disrupted their plans. The hotel that was booked said that they could only cancel the order if they had relevant certificates. The supplicants communicated with each other, but there was no progress.Put down the phone, Yuan Caixia immediately contacted community staff, asking for help to issue a certificate, but because of the rigor of the epidemic prevention work, the community said it could not issue a serious epidemic situation in the area and other relevant certificates.As patient had, cai-xia yuan active contact with patient’s property, verify the patient’s identity and help understand epidemic prevention policies and requirements, create the conform to the requirements of the community and epidemic prevention, but also accepted by booking hotel, in the end, under her positive coordination, in property and community workers under the full cooperation of success to help the patient recover loss of 70000 yuan.”I think this kind of volunteer service is really meaningful. In the severe situation of the epidemic, I can help others, get recognition from residents and make my contribution to epidemic prevention and control. This is what I should do as a young Party member!”Yuan Caixia said.Correspondent Nie Yahui/Photo

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