Chapter 90: The Brave Fat Man

The fat man walked slowly along the road of the rain of arrows, which kept shooting from the ground and from the side. Sweat dripped from the top of the fat man’s head like water.Gradually, the fat man felt that his brain had.His heart is also a clunking, in the mind is also complain about their own.The speed of recovery here is almost nonexistent, the energy is not controlled, and the body gradually becomes heavy.Will it go down like this?The fat man thought of himself.I’m gonna die, but what about Blue Girl?And Jack, they won’t be able to get out of here.The fat man thought of his home, at home.No matter what he has done, he will not be praised or criticized by his father. In the end, he will find that he does not know what is right and what is wrong.Fortunately, at this time, he met Li Wen, who was the person he totally admired.Among the boys, he is the one to say the least; he takes the blame when anything goes wrong.So in a long time with Li Wen, Fat man learned what was right and what was wrong.Now, during this period of time, I can finish so many tasks together with Li Wen and Wang Xianwen, and I feel very satisfied.Li Wen was not there, and Wang Xianwen.Thinking of Wang Xianwen, fatty looked back at Wang Xianwen, his face showed a happy eyes, this beautiful and kind person.Something they had never seen before.His main body of the resolute character, may even think of unexpected.In the valley of the Void, he rushed into the black hole, so that everyone rushed in and broke the black hole.His courage and boldness were all praised, and it was up to him whether he could get out of here.Thinking of this, the fat man’s eyes became firm, just slightly dim down the light looked like a spent arrow.But Jack did not understand fairy law, see the fat man’s light is more powerful, his heart is full of infinite excitement, shouted again: “It's amazing. It'S backpacks.”Wang Xianwen saw a strong light again, and a heavier pace than before, and already knew that Fatty brother’s energy might soon be exhausted.Look at the rain of arrows, and did not reduce the meaning, and the distance from the final gate, there are a hundred paces distance, with fat brother’s current state without support.The fat man continued on a little further, his light dimming.Gradually, the aperture narrowed to about ten centimeters above the skin.A shower of arrows will bounce off like a rock and collide with other arrows.But now, sometimes the arrow has gone into the halo.Nine centimeters, eight centimeters, seven centimeters.The arrows didn’t stop, but there were still dozens of steps.Fat man knew his time of death was near.Finally failed to be together with the eldest brother, but died in the unknown rain of arrows.But fat man at this time in addition to regret, the greater heart has unwilling, only such a short distance, but to be tied into a hedgehog.I suddenly felt a burning sensation on my face and felt fluid running down my face.When the drip came down, the fat man looked down and saw that it was his own blood. One of the arrows had cut his face.The fat man smiled mysteriously, as if he had forgotten the pain.Push your body forward.More heat, more fluid remained, and the fat man’s clothes were torn.It didn’t look like it would last more than a few minutes.Jack now realized that something was wrong. He no longer looked excited, but sad, for in his mind no one would lay down his life for anyone else.As far as the pirates were concerned, their own survival was the most important thing.Jack’s expression from exultation to sadness, and is from his heart, from his heart no Ming out of the good heart, Jack found his face is hot.When they touched it, they found that it was their own tears. In their pirate life, they had experienced joys and sorrows every day, but he could not restrain his feelings at this time.She cried.The fat man could not stand it any longer, and now he could not walk. The arrows did not stop raining at all, but he was still madly rushing at the fat man. The fat man, using his last strength, had already knelt down on the ground to resist the arrows, with dozens of wounds on his body.A dragon, rushing out of the hallway.Just as the fat man’s yellow light was about to disappear, he reached him.The body of the dragon shuttles in the rain of arrows without fear of the rain of arrows.His red eyes rushed at him, forming a wall of fire around him.The fat man gave way and nearly fell over.This dragon is a spell cast by Wang Xianwen.In this place where magic was confined, Wang Xianwen absorbed little by little the energy from the lamp, from the time he was locked in until now.But Wang Xianwen does not know what kind of skills he can release, in this life-and-death moment, in order to save fat brother, Wang Xianwen decided to take a risk.Jack had been in a state of total despair, but this time when he saw wang Xianwen’s dragon, he was even more surprised and full of hope.He felt that these few people together, but also hidden what kind of secret.Wang Xianwen struggled to hold the flame, white forehead oozing little thin sweat beads, in the light of the fire, like a flame god, he shouted: “fatty, quick to press the door.”But the fat man fell to the ground as if he had not heard.At that moment, the sound of rumbling was heard throughout the corridor.Not only was the inside of the cloister filled with sound, but the outside of the cloister was also filled with sound.’Li asked. They were alarmed at the sound.Li asked them as they recovered from their initial sadness.The leopard followed them further into the door.This was supposed to be a place for weapons, but the guards don’t even know about it.The guards only knew that there were many organs and secret passages throughout the dungeon.So they gave the leopard the handle, and the leopard already knew that Li Wen was a friend of Wang Xianwen’s sister, so from the very beginning, he held an unusual attitude towards Li Wen, otherwise ordinary children, ten might have been eaten.The leopard usually stayed in the palace, and Li Wen felt that he must have made a living by eating some food brought by the guards, so that he could be the guard of the grounds.Li asked them when they first walked through the door. There was no sound.You can’t even hear a rat.This made Lee ask them very confused.Do leopards eat mice?And then George yelled, and everybody woke up.There is hardly any oxygen here, and if you rush in, you may die.’Li asked. She took out something she was carrying, something white all over, with a red tail on top.It was clearly a red silk candle.What is a red silk candle? It is a candle that requires very little oxygen, or is closest to the body’s response to oxygen.The candle can be used to identify oxygen levels in dangerously hypoxic environments.’li asked, slowly taking out her candle.After a few strokes with the flint, the candle was lit.But before a quarter of an hour had passed, the candle had gone out.George frowned. “It doesn’t look like there’s any oxygen going through here,” he said. “There’s a lot of dirty air in there.If the old books were anything to go by, this could have been a confined space, with the possibility of going to and from other places.Or he needs something that connects space to get him to the next level.”When George said this, everyone was filled with a vague fear of the space, feeling that he was like a devil and an angel, ready to take the people inside to heaven or hell.Just as everyone was about to leave, the leopard seemed to understand what was happening. The expression on his striped face suddenly became a surprise, and he gave a frightened “roar” and rushed into the confined space.Li asked, surprised. ‘He doesn’t want to go somewhere else, or get out of here.’When Li thought of this, her face suddenly changed and she said, “Sister Wang Xianwen.”Li asked, feeling a chill on her spine and staring into the air as if she had seen something strange. “Sister Wang Xianwen?”.

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